Works and Awards

Marzena Sowa has written several titles, each under the title of the Marzi series, published by Dupuis Publishers in France. Petit Carpe (2005), Sur La Terre Comme Au Ciel (2006), Rezystor (2007), Le Bruit des Villes (2008), La Pologne Vue Par Les Yeux D’une Enfant (2008), Pas de Liberte Sans Solidarite (2009), Une Enfant en Pologne (2009) and Tout Va Mieux (2011) are her current publications under their French titles.

Marzena won the Will Eisner Comic Book Industry Award in the Best Album Based on True Events category for the volume of Marzi that was released in Poland under the title Children and Fish Don’t Have a Voice in 2012, and is the only Polish author to have won the award to date. Other volumes of Marzi were nominated for Best Comic Book of the Year at the International Comic Book Festival in Angouleme, France, in 2008.

According to Polish Culture, the book received excellent reviews in North America, its quality being practically guaranteed by the publishing house that took it up in America, Vertigo.


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