Documentary Review

Love, Hate & Propaganda: The Cold War


The four part documentary picks up right after WWII and the beginning of the Cold war.  It includes everything about Russia’s lead in the space race to Nixon’s visit to Russia.  It uses footage from the period and as well as includes original footage of the McCallum family emerging from a fallout shelter after living there for weeks. As it relates to Marzena’s experience that she depicts in Marzi, it gives you a look into the more historical and political views of the time.

Here’s a video link to part 4 of the documentary where Marzi makes an entrance.

Ultimately a very interesting documentary series put together in an attempt to show both sides of the coin that always play out for any major story and how propaganda tools including the new advent of television which had a major role in how the Cold War played out. No new facts are played out in any of the 4 episodes that consist of the second leg of this documentary series. Each episode is made more effective & poignant by dropping in personal stories from those who lived through these events as well as supported facts from intellectuals in the field. These stories managed to be personal, yet factual and fascinating at the same time. Marzi makes a small appearance at 21:30 to show some correlation between the social constructs and how Sowa represents that in her comic memoir.

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