Outstanding Scenes

Marzi is a graphic novel dealing with a personal narrative. Because this book is about Marzi (Marzena Sowa) and her memories of her childhood in Poland, this book contains many interesting and outstanding scenes.

1. ‘State of Fear.’

‘The State of Fear’

This scene is the first scene that talks about the war. Marzi remembers how the war began in Poland when she was two years old.

“It was December 13, 1981…I was two and a half.” (Sowa 47)

There are many emotional expressions on the characters as well. This scene shows that this book is dealing with the story of war and politics.

2. ‘Breathing Can Be Hazardous To Your Health.’

‘Breathing Can Be Hazardous to Your Health’

This scene shows that a toxic cloud came over Poland. By the toxic cloud, people in the Ukraine get sick and very often end up dying.

“Even though it’s spring, I can’t play outside after school. Besides, there’s no one to play with.” (Sowa 91)

This scene explains how the war affected to her childhood.

3. ‘Goodbye Dolly.’

‘Goodbye Dolly’

In this chapter, Marzi wanted to tell a colorful story to Edyta. So in this scene, there are most vivid moments.

The author added bright red, orange to show that Marzi was telling the colorful story to Edyta.

4. ‘Goodbye Dolly.’

2016-03-30 15.35.41
‘Goodbye Dolly’

This is the last scene of the book that explains why she creates this book and her relationship with Edyta.

“This is where I’ll draw my inspiration from to make Edyta laugh. To protect her from the world of adults as long as I can.” (Sowa 230)

Throughout this book, there were a lot of outstanding scenes which emphasizes the memoir of Marzi. This link is introducing Marzena Sowa and how her life made this book. http://culture.pl/en/artist/marzena-sowa 


Posted by Shin Jae



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Sowa, Marzena, Sylvain Savoia, and Marzena Sowa. Marzi: A Memoir. New York: DC Comics, 2011. Web. 19 Mar. 2016.



2 thoughts on “Outstanding Scenes

  1. I agree that these are all outstanding scenes and were important to telling the story as a whole. For me, ‘Goodbye Dolly’ was one of the most memorable scenes because of the colourful part where Marzi is telling a story to Edyta. Marzi calls the story “The Little Girl Who Dreamed in Colour” which reminded me of an article I saw once that talks about if we dream in colour or black and white. Marzi’s story is a very happy and fantasy-like scene that stands out from the rest of the book, which is mostly dull colours and sometimes a more serious situation.


  2. I remember reading the “goodbye dolly” part and thinking, I would have never done that as a kid. At Marzi’s age, I was still really selfish and it probably wouldn’t have even crossed my mind to give my toy to someone else, even if they were upset. I might loan the doll to let the other kid play with it, but I wouldn’t just give it to them for keeps. I think that shows that Marzena was forced to understand things that kids her age shouldn’t have to deal with, and she is probably a better person for it.


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