Sylvain Savoia is a Polish illustrator and cartoonist. The art director is Mark Chiarello and the design director is Robbin Brosterman. This book can defined as a cartoon because of the childlike style of images and, because it’s about Marzi’s childhood there are many children’s points of view.

The text of the book is all capitals, and the style is like handwriting. The layout of the book is deliberately reminiscent of a photo album, and the author added the actual photographs at the end of the book.

Also, her actual childhood photographs link to the illustration of characters.

An interesting thing about this book is that some of the scenes show the real events, politician and celebrity of the time.

From the chapter ‘In Vogue’, Marzi was watching the TV show and have the same haircut as celebrity Mireille Mathieu. Mireille Mathieu is a one of the famous French singer who recorded over 1,200 songs in several languages with 122 million albums sold in worldwide.

Here is a little clip of Mireille Mathieu.

Moreover, from the chapter ‘The Window of Happiness’, Marzi went to find her dad and was shocked when she saw the protest. During the protest people were holding pictures of Russian politician Vladimir Lenin. Lenin was a Russian communist, revolutionary, politician and political theorist. Under his administration, Russian and Soviet Union became a one-party communist state governed by the Russian Communist Party. His political theories are known as Leninism.


Posted by Shin Jae



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One thought on “Images

  1. I can always appreciate when the images don’t need to do too much to aid the telling of the story. It doesn’t need to be perfectly drawn and the cartoon style really fits the story and message really well. The cartoon style aids in the innocence of Marzi as this is a photo album of sorts. Not only does the subject matter and colours paint a vivid picture, everything has a distinct purpose for being depicted in that way. I’ve read a lot of comics and the one thing that stands out is how different they all are for the purpose of the story. One that contrasts Marzi, is a comic called Descender, which is a story taking place in space. I look at both comics and they’re both interesting in their own way. The reason each is memorable is the fact that they’re both unique and perfectly considered in text, inking, and colour. Each comic fits the media perfectly and aids without distracting, elevating a good story into a memorable one.


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