Marzi is made out with muted color palette with orange or red for the point colors. Every subject is painted with muted gray, black or beige but Marzi drawn with red and orange. Because of the color, it made Marzi pop out from other subjects. Although the bright color has mainly used for Marzi, this bright color palette applied to other subjects for exceptional. Like, a vivid story for Edyta at ‘Goodbye Dolly’.

In the opinion, I think the drab color is a clever meta-reflection on the subject matter as experienced by a child too young to understand the reasons why but old enough to feel its effects. And I think muted color represent the concept of memoir. But Some people argues that this muted color made the whole book boring and tiresome after hundreds of pages. But I think this choice of color made this book more unique from any other graphic novel.

From this link, I found how the color effects to the readers in a graphic novel.

Interesting fact of this book is that the first version of the book came out with the bright color palette. But when the book translated into other languages, they switched to de-saturated color version.


Posted by Shin Jae



“Colour in Graphic Novels – Tristan J Steiner.” Colour in Graphic Novels – Tristan J Steiner. Web. 20 Mar. 2016.

Sowa, Marzena, Sylvain Savoia, and Marzena Sowa. Marzi: A Memoir. New York: DC Comics, 2011. Web. 19 Mar. 2016.



One thought on “Colour

  1. It’s so interesting to see the colour version! It definitely sets a different tone for the story because the colour makes her life seem more lively and happy, where as the muted version seems more accurate to the times. I wonder what the reasons were for creating the different versions. I found this video of someone who started out their comic series in black and white but transitioned to colour for the following issues. She talks about her struggles and that there are pros and cons to both. It’s not exactly the same situation as Sowa’s but I’m sure she considered some of the same ideas.


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