In a literary work, the characters can be defined as any person, animal, or figure. There are many types of characters that appear in literature. Each character is in their developments and functions. Character development is about how developed and complex a character is.

In Marzi, Marzi is a main character who has the greatest effect on the plot or the most affected by what happens in the story.  She is a very playful girl that has a lot of curiosity in every moment. She likes to play with her friends and try out new things. Through the war, you can find how her playful and curious personality slowly decreases. In this graphic term, the author created her hair with bright orange colour to pop out from other characters.

‘The Social Landing’

From this book, Marzi mostly narrates her story about her family. Like Marzi’s father appears in the first scene of the book seems like an affable man. He has sacrificed himself for his family. Marzi has many positive interactions with her father. Marzi’s mother is very harsh on Marzi and frequently clashes with her. Marzi’s family is very religious, they go to church every Sunday and are not in a good financial status because of the war.

Lastly, I want to talk about Edyta. Edyta appears in the last chapter but she left a huge message and purpose of this book. She is Marzi’s cousin and her friend. Edyta had a hard time getting to sleep every night, so she asked Marzi for help. She is the main reason why Marzi started to write a book. I think Edyta is a minor character but she is symbolic character in this story who represent the loss of happiness from the war.

‘Goodbye Dolly’


This link explains the types of character and how it effects to the story.


Posted by Shin Jae



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One thought on “Characterization

  1. I agree that Marzi was a very curious and playful girl. She really enjoyed playing with her friends and they were always causing trouble with the neighbours. School was something she also enjoyed because the classroom was full of toys and she was excited to learn how to read. I came across this video of actual footage from Poland during 1947 showing children walking to school and working in the classroom.


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