Marzi is a graphic memoir book. This book can function without drawings, but the drawings bring another dimension to the story. Drawings illustrate the words and also attract a younger audience. Sylvain Savoia is the illustrator of this book, and he demonstrates the action of the characters with the details, gesture, speech bubbles, and texts.

In cartoon fundamentals, action should be shown with a line called a line of action. It’s an imagery line that flows the action of the subject. And it also brings the rhythm in the cartoon.

Let’s see the example from Marzi. From the second image, you can see that this ballerina is dancing because the line of action. Like I mentioned, Sylvain adds the action in details. From the third and last images, you will see that Marzi is moving, and the weather is windy because Sylvain adds leafs and draw her hair over her face.

1 ‘Fur and Feathers’
2 ‘Entrechats And Little Mice’
3, 4 ‘Big Brother’

Lastly, the first image can be shown that how Sylvain used a text to show the action. In this image, people are helping to start up the engine. Sylvain includes the line of action, draw smoke but he also added a big bold text like a sound effect. Because character Marzi is very playful and adventurous, Sylvain Savoia successfully expresses her personality through his detail illustration.

This link introduces the cartoon fundamentals in movement and action.–vector-19904


Posted by Shin Jae



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