The reason Marzena Sowa wrote this memoir is “to show you, through [her] experience, the daily life of the Polish people close to [her] during the final years of communism” (Intro, Sowa). The memoir strives to inform and to make sense of the world as seen through her eyes. Sowa shares a broad range of stories from serious ones to playful ones, but they all bring light to the everyday life of Marzi. This article gives insight into the daily life of people living in Eastern Europe in the 1980’s, similar to what Marzi experienced growing up.


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Near the end of the book there is a story titled ‘Goodbye Dolly’, which tells us about Marzi’s good friend/cousin, Edyta, and how she wrote the book for her. Edyta has a hard time sleeping so Marzi tells her stories, which are depicted in brighter colours than previously used in the book. Sowa talks about how every tree, house and person has a story and writes, “This is where I’ll draw my inspiration from to make Edyta laugh. To protect her from the world of adults as long as I can. To pull closed the beautiful velvet curtain and let her dream in colour” (Sowa, 230).



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Sowa, Marzena. Marzi: A Memoir. New York: DC Comics, 2011. Ebook.


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