Historical Context of Sowa’s Growing Up: Part 2


Between 1956 and 1980 (when Marzi is set) was when Władysław Gomułka (pronounced vwaˈdɨswaf ɡɔˈmuwka) (Wikipedia) was in power; he was brought into office as first secretary of the communist party in 1956, despite Moscow threatening to invade Poland if Gomułka was elected. Krushchev, the leSpotkanie przedwyborcze w FSOader of the Soviet Union at the time, was reassured by Poland’s government that their new elected official would not change any of the basic foundations of Polish communism, so Russia withdrew their invasion threats.

Poland had a temporary hopeful spell under Gomułka’s control, but the 1960’s and -70’s saw the hopeful mood in Poland decline as Gomułka’s power in the government began to dwindle. There were attempted economic reforms, widespread dissent, and open confrontations from influential sections of the citizenry, such as the church, important intellectuals and workers. This dissent is shown in Marzi, as her father is a part of the workers’ dissent and confrontations. As is also evident in Marzi, the economy is at a near collapse.

This is the era that Marzena Sowa writes about in her graphic novel.


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One thought on “Historical Context of Sowa’s Growing Up: Part 2

  1. While I consider history to be interesting in itself, it always feel more authentic when someone tells it from there perspective. It provides a more emotional connection beyond all the facts that are given to us in textbooks and on the internet. What I like about Marzi and its connection to history is that we don’t always get to really understand and almost feel history as if you were there. It’s one to know when and where and why each war happened, but you can never fully grasp every aspect without being able to empathize in some way. Whether it’s losing someone or not being able to have a lot of food. When you can separate it and look at it from the eyes of someone whose experienced something like that, it beings to put your own life in perspective. I found this video just as a reminder of all that we have.


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